SautÚedGreens & Mushrooms with Garlic & Goat Cheese


Serves 2-4


1tablespoon olive oil

1 cup slicedwild mushrooms such as porcinis (Boletus edulis)

2 clovesgarlic, sliced paper thin

pinch redchili flakes

1 largebunch rainbow kale or other hearty green, torn

1/4 cupchicken broth

1tablespoon butter

Dish D'LishFrench Seasoning Salt or s&p

3 oz Chevrestyle goat cheese


Heat oil ina large sate pan over high heat. Add mushrooms and sautÚ until half cooked. Addgarlic and chili flakes. SautÚ for a few seconds. Add in kale or greens andtoss. Add chicken broth and cook until greens are wilted. Season and then servedolloped with goat cheese or grated sexy local cheese.


© 2007 KathyCasey Food Studios