Hosting Guidelines

What do Field Trip Hosts do?

  • Once the field trip schedule is posted at the beginning of the spring and fall seasons, members interested in hosting can contact the Field Trip Host Coordinators (Debbie or Carolina) at to sign up for a field trip of their preference.
  • A few days before the PSMS field trip they've signed up for, FT Hosts come into possession of the field trip gear (about two 22-gallon bins + some extra bags). This is arranged by the Field Trip Host Coordinators. FT Hosts will need a vehicle with enough room to transport this, in addition to their own personal gear, passengers, etc.
  • Shortly before the trip, FT Hosts buy breakfast goodies of their choice for about 70-100 people and restock the basic supplies (PSMS will reimburse for this). A list of suggestions is included in the more detailed Step-By-Step Guide that will be provided.
  • The day of the field trip, FT Hosts will arrive at the location at about 7:00 a.m. in order to make coffee, set up things for breakfast, place signage, etc. People start arriving at about 8:00 a.m., eager for a hot beverage and a bite!
  • Breakfast runs until the end of the Morning Talk, which normally takes place from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. During this time FT Hosts keep the coffee/hot water coming, replenish breakfast items, and see to it that the breakfast goes along smoothly.
  • After the Morning Talk, FT Hosts give the shelter/breakfast area a quick tidy-up (no need to put everything away, since people normally keep coming throughout the day and a PSMS Identifier will stay on site most of the day), and then they are free to go out collecting. This is not an all-day commitment!
  • Any time between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. (depending on the weather), mushroomers gather for a potluck dinner. FT Hosts prepare the tables where the attendees will place their dishes, and make sure serving utensils, etc. are set out as needed. If a Host doesn't plan to stay for the potluck, they can transfer the afternoon duties to another Host, as long as that is arranged beforehand. A FT Host can also request to be paired with another Co-Host, so as to split tasks.
  • After the meal, FT Hosts take note of what needs to be replenished or is amiss (defective gear, etc.), pack the bins and transfer the gear to the person hosting the following trip (Field Trip Host Coordinators will assist with this). Depending on the situation, the transfer sometimes takes place during the weekdays in between field trips.
  • Once back home, FT Hosts scan/photograph the receipts of the purchases (up to a limit previously arranged), and send them to the PSMS Treasurer, who within a couple of days will mail them a check with the reimbursement.
  • On multi-day trips, hosting is only required on Saturday.
  • FT Hosts can volunteer as frequently as they wish, and can host more than one field trip per season.
  • This is a role that requires punctuality, accountability and organizational skills. For field trips where there is no power, Hosts should feel comfortable handling camping gear (such as camping stoves, coffee-makers, etc.)
  • Have more questions? Contact the Field Trip Host Coordinators at
  • Still uncertain? Come to a field trip! See what hosting looks like, tell the FT Hosts you are considering hosting, offer them a hand, and see how you feel about it!

Thank you for helping

Volunteering to co-host one out of the 8-10 field trips each year is a valuable contribution to keeping PSMS a successful educational and recreational club.

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