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Did you know that PSMS has a great library of books available for our members to borrow? With the donation of Ben Woo's personal collection (our society's first president) years ago we now have about 750 different books available!

There are books on every aspect of mycology, from general science and ecology, to dozens of different field guides for the Pacific Northwest. There are even field guides to other parts of the country and the world if you are planning a vacation. We also have whole sections on medicinal and toxic mushroom, cultivating and cooking with wild mushrooms, and mushroom dyeing. And for the budding scientists among you, we have many of the definitive technical monographs necessary for identifying even the most cryptic little LBM.

Guidelines for borrowing:

Borrowing is available between September and April of each year. Two books can be borrowed at a time for two months at a time by PSMS Members who have been a member for more than a year, although please note that the most valuable items are for Library Use Only and can only be read on the premises. You can pick up your reserved books during any monthly meeting. Books borrowed in April must be returned by June 15. You will be required to place a deposit with PSMS of 30% of the value of the books that you are borrowing. This deposit is waived for those members who have been members of PSMS for more than 5 years, Committee Chairpersons, Board of Trustee Members and Golden Mushroom Award recipients. The deposit will be returned to you when the books have been returned in good condition.

Log in to the members' section and at the bottom of the page, in the Members Area Features, choose "Library". You will see the entire list, which you can sort by title or author. If you see a book you would like to borrow, click the "Reserve" button. The borrowing agreement that you will sign can be found here (Borrowing Agreement).

So have fun checking out our PSMS library, and happy mushrooming!

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Visit the archives of Spore Prints, the PSMS newsletter, for society history, mushroom recipes, and interesting tidbits. Our online archives of the newsletter go back to 1964 when our society was founded!

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