PSMS Membership

With over 2,500 members, PSMS is one of the largest mycological societies in North America. We welcome new members throughout the year, from the enthusiast to the experienced mycologist.

You may join on-line using PayPal (credit card), at a meeting, or with a mail-in application and a check. Current members may renew on-line using PayPal (credit card), at a meeting, or with a mail-in application and a check.

Membership dues are:

Individual or family: $30 (2 Adults only per family membership) includes all children under 18yrs old in household

Full-time student: $20 (with valid student ID)

Our membership year runs from July 1 through June 30th. Your membership year will expire on June 30th following the date you have paid your dues, no matter when you pay your dues. If you wish to receive a full year for your membership dues you will need to join on July 1st.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Become part of a Community that shares a common interest

    Joining PSMS grants you membership in the largest mushroom group in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Membership Meetings

    Attendance at the monthly meetings which often have noted mycological speakers. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the months September through June, at 7:30 PM, in the Center for Urban Horticulture, which is located at 3501 NE 41st St. in Seattle (driving directions). You may come 20 minutes early to peruse a fine selection of nature books and field guides for purchase or to bring in mushrooms you have found to be identified.

    There is a brief period of announcements and business which is followed by the presentation.

    Learn more about our meetings ›

    *These meetings are open to the public with the exception of the June and December meetings which are members only.

  • Mushroom Field trips

    Attendance at numerous outings held each Spring and Autumn where members meet in selected campgrounds in the Cascades or the Olympic Peninsula. The areas are chosen for likely edible mushroom activity and a Master Identifier is available to take the guess work out of your finds. Learn more about field trips ›

  • Classes

    An invitation to register for these low cost classes offered in the spring or fall. Identification classes are taught by some of our Master Identifiers; they teach basic and advanced mushroom identification procedures We also offer Cultivation classes, Mycophagy (cooking) classes and Dyeing Natural Fiber classes from time to time. Learn more about our classes ›

  • Spore Prints Newsletter

    A subscription to our newsletter which keeps us informed about speakers, locations of field trips, cooking recipes and other news of interest to PSMS members. Learn more about Spore Prints ›

  • Bookstore discount

    Field guides, cookbooks and other materials sold at the meetings are generally discounted 10%.

  • Annual Wild Mushroom Show

    Members who volunteer several hours to help with our Fall Wild Mushroom Exhibit which is our annual fundraiser will be able to attend the show for free. All members not volunteering to help with the show will be required to pay admission to attend the show. Learn more about the show ›

  • The Survivors' Social Event

    An invitation to this event held in mid-June each year, which is a celebration of mushroomers and mushrooming. Learn more about the event ›

  • The December Holiday Social

    An invitation to this event held in mid-December each year, which is a gathering of our members to celebrate the holidays and enjoy each other's company.

  • Library

    When a person has been a member of the Society for more than a year, they may check out 2 books for a 2 month period from September through May with a 30% deposit from a collection of over several hundred volumes for personal study or research. After the person has been a member for over 5 years, or for Committee chairpersons, Board of Trustee Members or Golden Mushroom Recipients, there is no deposit required to check out 2 books for the 2 month period. Some books which are rare or out of publication and irreplaceable must be viewed during a general meeting only. Learn more about our library ›

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Come learn with us in our meetings, classes, field trips and more!

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Annual Wild
Mushroom Show

Our Wild Mushroom Exhibit is one of the largest and most complete in the United States. Over 200 varieties of wild mushrooms will be displayed, identified, and classified.

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